Our Story

Inconsistent services and lack of cleanliness from linen laundry servicers were the norms predating the day that the Managing Director of Bliston Hotel decided to create a superior and self-sustaining laundry business, Bliston Clean and Care.

The arm became a huge success and is now serving a multitude of top-tier hotels and serviced apartments that pride on cleanliness, consistent and punctual laundry services for its customers.

Since its inception, Bliston Clean and Care worked coherently with its client to deliver clean linen and cloths for the hotel customers. At the end of summer 2012, Bliston Clean and Care decided to introduce its impeccable standard to retail customers under a new brand, Laundry Bag by Bliston Hotel.

Khun Prayad, a seasoned Laundry manager from Dusit Thani-Pattaya and Shangri-La Hotel, will command his 35 years of professional experience in the laundry industry to lead Laundry Bag by Bliston to newfound successes and set game-changing standards.

He had also played an indispensible role in establishing the Bliston Clean and Care laundry facility and overseeing the whole project from scratch to its present success